Admin Panel - Billing > Gateways

To enable a payment gateway, go to the Billing > Gateways menu item in your admin panel. Select one of the included 2Checkout or Paypal gateways.

2Checkout Gateway

The 2checkout gateway supports payments from more countries and offers excellent personal service to SE clients - they also give users the option to pay via PayPal if they wish. 2checkout charges a $10.99 monthly account fee, but we've partnered with them to waive the first month fee for SocialEngine clients. Visit 2checkout's SocialEngine page to sign up. To ensure that your first free month with 2checkout (a $10.99 value!), visit, click SIGN UP NOW, complete the application, and then enter the promo code "se2co11" into the promo code field to take advantage of this special offer today!

Configure your 2Checkout Account

  • 1

    Establish a 2Checkout account:

  • 2

    Click the Account tab and Site Management subcategory.

  • 3

    Under Direct Return select Header Redirect.

  • 4

    Set the Approved URL to (Replace with the actual URL to your domain.)

  • 5

    Enter your Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered in your WHMCS admin.) and click Save Changes

  • 6

    Click the Account tab and User Management subcategory.

  • 7

    Click the Create Username link and create a new username with API Access and API Updating selected for the Access type.

  • 8

    Click the Notifications tab and select Enable All Notifications.

  • 9

    Enter as the global URL and click Apply. (Replace with the actual URL to your domain.) and click Save Changes

  • 10

    Return to SocialEngine Admin panel and proceed to Billing -> Gateways.

  • 11

    Under Manage Payment Gateways click edit for 2Checkout. Enter your API username and password (additional user that you setup in your 2Checkout account). Select Yes for Enabled? and click Save Changes.

    2Checkout API

    Note: If you change the secret word in your 2Checkout account, you will need to visit this page again and re-save the settings.

Paypal Gateway

If you would prefer to use PayPal instead of 2checkout and don't yet have an account, you can create one at PayPal's website.

Configure your Paypal Account

  • 1

    Establish a Paypal account:

  • 2

    Enable API access on your Paypal account via: My Account > Profile > API Access > Request API credentials > Request API Signature.

  • 3

    Insert the Paypal API username, password, and signature values into this form.

    Paypal API

  • 4

    Enable Instant Payment Notifications via: My Account > Profile > Instant Payment Notification Preferences > Choose IPN Settings. The IPN messages should be enabled. Set the Notification URL to the one shown on screen (For example: )

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