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SocialEngine Cloud is a strong social networking product that can help you build your niche network quickly and easily. In efforts to make our product even stronger, we have set up integrations that will import and export content to other, more ubiquitous networks. The following article will walk you through the process of setting up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube integrations followed by a list of what each integration provides.

Connecting Integrations to Your Site

  1. Start at the admin panel for your site and click the “Integrations” button on the left-hand side
  2. Choose the appropriate integration option in the top menu.
  3. Click the “Connect” button
  4. If you are not currently logged into your account, enter the necessary login information.
  5. You’re connected! From here you can select which features you would like to enable by clicking the boxes next to said feature.

Now that we are connected, lets review the different features available for each integration:


  • Twitter Publishing allows your users to publish posts from your community directly to their Twitter feeds.
  • Twitter Import where we will import any tweets you make with your connected account as posts in your community.
  • Twitter Import by Keyword where we will routinely scan for tweets that match your criteria and import them as posts on your site.
  • Twitter Auto-Follow where your Twitter account will automatically follow any new member that connects their Twitter account.


  • Facebook Publishing will allow members that have connected with Facebook to publish posts they make in your community directly to their Facebook feed.
  • Facebook Post Import will import everything you post on Facebook (including links and photos) directly into your site. Please note that the import is not instant. It will run several times daily.


  • Instagram Importing allows us to import any posts you make as posts in your community.
  • Instagram Importing by Keyword allows us to routinely scan for Instagram posts that match your criteria and import them as posts on your site. Up to 240 posts can be imported daily per keyword. You can enter the keyword or #hashtag you'd like us to look for on Instagram and we will handle the rest!


  • Youtube Importing allows us to automatically import any videos you upload as posts in your community.
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