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Managing Posts on Your Community

SocialEngine Cloud gives you full control over the posts on your site. This tutorial will help show you how to manage your member’s posts.

Where are the Posts?

The posts on your site are contained in one area of your Admin Control Panel for easy management. To find your posts, log into your Admin Control Panel and go to Manage > Posts.

The posts are displayed in a list to the right. You can also see the total posts at the top of the list. Our screenshot above shows we have 41 posts on our site.

To sort posts, you can click the headings above the list and sort by: “Title”, “Category”, “Comments”, “Up Votes”, “Down Votes”, “Views”, “Approved”, “Reports”, “Posted”. In our screenshot, we’ve sorted by “Up Votes”.

To search for posts, type the search criteria in the “Search” box above the posts list and hit “Enter”.

Adding Posts to Categories

Categorizing posts is easy to do with our SocialEngine Cloud. Use one of the above methods to find the post(s) you want to add to, or change from, a category. Follow the below steps to put the post(s) in a category.

Method 1 - Single Post Edit
  1. At the far right of the post you want to change, click “edit”.
  2. Click “Category” to show the drop down selection of category names and choose the category you want.“Save Changes” when done.
Method 2 - Multiple Posts Note that this method also works for single posts.
  1. To put multiple posts in a category, to the left of each post you want to move, click in the box to select them.
  2. At the bottom left of the posts list, click “Assign category to selected” and choose the category from the drop down list.
  3. You can also choose to “Remove Category” as seen in the above image.

Editing Posts

If you need to edit the posts on your site, the following will show you how.

  1. Click “edit” to the far right of the post you want to edit.
  2. You can edit the Title, Post Link, Category, add a Description, Flag it to review later, Feature it, and Close it so that only Admin and Moderators can comment on it. Be sure to “Save Changes” when done.

Flagged Posts

When members or moderators Flag posts, these show in your Admin Control Panel under “Posts” or in the “Notifications”.

  1. Click “Posts” or the notification on the right to get to the flagged post(s).
  2. You’ll see any flagged post(s) in the “Reported Posts” tab and can then click to the left to select the post(s) and either “Ignore” or “Delete” the post(s). You will also have the option to “Assign category to selected” should you need to do that.

Deleting Posts

If you need to delete a post or multiple posts, follow the steps below.

  1. Click to the left of the post(s) you want to delete to select it/them and click “Delete Selected” on the lower right.
  2. To select all posts to delete them, click the top left selection box above the posts list and then click “Delete Selected”.
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