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HTML and Theme Basics

Editing your site templates and adding more pages can really help set your site apart from others out there. We provide a great tool for you to be able to backup your template changes and additions. It’s a good idea to do so in order to prevent any issues that could happen, such as resetting the theme and losing your changes. With a backup of your changes, you can easily load them back to the site.

This tutorial will show you how to backup your theme and reload it should you need to. It will also show you how to edit your themes. Want to add custom pages? No problem, just check this tutorial. The tutorial below assumes you are already logged in to your Admin Control Panel.

How to Change Your Site’s Theme

  1. In the left menu, scroll down until you get to Appearances and select Choose New Theme. On the right you’ll see all of the themes you have installed on your site. You’ll be able to Edit Template, Activate Theme, Preview and Restore Original (be careful with this as you’ll want a backup of your theme if there are changes you want to keep).
  2. To change your theme, click Activate Theme on the one you want to use.

Where to Edit Your Site’s Templates

To edit or add HTML for your site’s themes, you’ll want to know some HTML code. We make it easy for you to edit your site’s themes. Here’s how:

  1. In the left menu, scroll down until you get to Appearances and select Page Templates. On the right you’ll see all of the page templates you can edit. Click Edit for the one you want to edit.
  2. After you click Edit, you’ll see the code for that page and can edit it and save your changes.
    1. Here’s where to edit the HTML for this page.
    2. You can change the page Title.
    3. Add or change the Page Description.
    4. Change the Page URL.
    5. Save Changes or Preview first.
    6. Restore Original (be careful as this restores to the default code and will delete all of your changes).

How to Backup Your Theme

This step is important if you have made any changes to your Theme. Having a backup can keep you from pulling your hair out if your theme accidentally gets deleted or your changes erased. Follow the below steps to download a backup of your theme.

  1. When in the Page Templates section, Appearance > Page Templates, you’ll see your pages in the center center and in the far right you will see 3 buttons - “Add a New Template,” “Upload a File,” and “Download My Theme.” Click Download My Theme to backup your theme.

How to Upload a Theme

If you need to upload a theme, perhaps your backup or some other theme, please follow these steps.

  1. Scroll down the left menu to “Choose New Theme” and you’ll see Upload Theme on the right if you scroll down.
  2. Choose a file from your computer and then choose to Upload New Theme or Overwrite Theme. You can then Edit, Activate, Preview , or delete the theme.

As you can see from the above, we make it easy for you to edit, backup, and restore your site themes. Got questions? No problem! Feel free to send us a ticket with your questions.
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