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Controlling Comments on Your Community

Comments can be a very active part of a community. SocialEngine Cloud gives you full control over comments and the comment system used. This tutorial will help you setup your comment system the way you want it.

Where Can I Find Comment Settings?

In order to control the comment settings, you first need to be in your Admin Control Panel. Once there, under “Settings” click “Comments” as seen in the screenshot.

The following tutorials assume you are already in the Comment section. After changing settings, click the “Save Changes” button to save the settings.

How Can I Use Disqus or Other Comment Systems?

When in the comment settings, the first one is “Comment System” and this is where you control which system is used for comments on your site. You have three options: “Built-in Comments”, “Disqus”, and “Custom Code”. We’ll explain these below.

“Built-in Comments” is the default comment system shown below:

“Disqus” setting requires you to have a Disqus shortname that you’ll enter in the input box.

The Disqus comment box will look similar to our screenshot, depending on your theme:

“Custom Code” will allow you to put code from your choice of comment systems. Once you select “Custom Code”, enter the code for your comment system into the input field.

Check front end on a post you can comment on and you should see your custom comment input box as shown below:

How Can I Change the Sort Order of Comments?

The setting “Sorting” gives you three options for the order that comments are sorted: “Most recent comments at the top”, “Most popular comments at the top”, and “Most recent comments at the bottom”.

What is “Threading” and How Do I Enable It?

“Threading” is not something you do with a needle and thread to sew. In regards to your site, “threading” is a setting that, when enabled, allows your members to reply to specific comments. This can make it much easier to follow the flow of the comments being made and to respond to specific comments. Here are two screenshots to show the difference. The top one is without “threading” and the bottom is with “threading”.

“Threading” not enabled:

“Threading” enabled:

To enable “Threading”, click the “Yes” checkbox for the “Threading” setting. Click “No” to disable it.

How Do I Control Voting on Comments?

You can change or disable the voting on comments. The options for the setting “Voting” are: “None”, for no voting; “Likes” to enable “liking” comments; “Up/Down” which enables the up/down voting method.

“Likes” for comments is shown below:

“Up/Down” voting is shown below:

How Can I Allow Comment Deleting?

If you want your members to be able to delete their comments, the setting “Allow Deletion” can be enabled or disabled by clicking the “Yes” checkbox.

How to Enable Editing Comments?

If you want to let your members edit their comments, the setting for “Allow Comment Editing” has a drop down selector to choose the following: “Never”, “Anytime”, “Up to 1 minute after commenting”, “Up to 5 minutes after commenting”, “Up to 30 minutes after commenting”, “Up to 24 hours after commenting”, and “Up to one week after commenting”. These give you flexibility in choosing the best setting for your site.

How to Enable Allow Attachments in Comments?

If you want to let your members add attachments to their comments, the setting for “Allow Attachments in Comments” has a drop down selector to choose the following: “Do not allow attachments in comments”, “Only allow link attachments”, and “Allow links and uploaded files”.

Great work! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further tutorials. Visit our community to have more interactions with us and other clients or third party developers. We’d love to see you there!
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