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Managing Website Privacy and Registration

Privacy. It is one of the main focuses of today’s webmasters, members, and even internet regulation agencies. SocialEngine Cloud offers tools to control your website’s privacy and Privacy Policy. This tutorial will help you feel at ease with the privacy settings so you can relax and enjoy your website.

Where are the Privacy Settings?

The privacy settings are very easy to find and manage. Log in to your Admin Control Panel and navigate to Settings > Privacy. The tutorials below assume that you have clicked the “Privacy” menu. Make sure you click “Save Changes” when done changing the settings.

How Can I Change Registration and Site Access Settings?

The setting “Site Access” controls the access and registration for your site. This lets you control who can view the site and how people sign up. There are three options:

  • “Public” - anyone can view and sign up;
  • “Semi-Private” - anyone can view, must be invited to sign up and post;
  • “Private” - only signed in members can view and only those invited can join and post.

How to Enable Invites?

Invitations are a great way to grow your community. If you want to enable Invites for your members, click the “Yes” checkbox for “Allow Invites”.

How to Enable “Maintenance Mode”?

“Maintenance Mode” makes your site only accessible to those with the password to see it. This is a great tool when developing your site or when performing maintenance on it. To enable or disable “Maintenance Mode”, click the checkbox for “Yes”. You can also add a message you want visitors to see when visiting your site while it’s in “maintenance mode”.

How Do I Edit the Privacy Policy?

Your “Privacy Policy” can be an important part of your website. We recommend looking up rules and regulations for your area regarding this as some locations have specific requirements for what needs to be contained in your “Privacy Policy”.

To edit your “Privacy Policy”, enter the text in the input box. This does accept HTML for better formatting.

We hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further tutorials. Visit our community to have more interactions with us and other clients or third party developers. We’d love to see you there!
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