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Controlling Posts on Your Community

With SocialEngine Cloud, there are many settings available that allow you to control the posts on your site. This tutorial will show you the various settings available and put you in the driver’s seat, in full control over your site’s direction. Buckle up and let’s get started!

Where Do I Control the Post Settings?

Great question! In order to control the post settings, you first need to be in your Admin Control Panel. Once there, under “Settings” click “Posts” as seen in the screenshot. 

The following tutorials assume that you are in the “Posts” setting screen. Be sure to click “Save Changes” when done changing any settings.

How Do I Control the Type of Posts?

You can control the types of posts that are allowed on your site by clicking the checkbox next to each one under “Allowed Post Types” to enable (checked) or disable (unchecked) them. Your choices are: Photos, Links, Topics, Videos, Status, Files.

How Do I Require Approval for Posts?

To require each post to be approved before it shows on the site, click the “Yes” checkbox for the setting “Require Approval”. Uncheck it if you want to disable the setting.

How Do I Change the Default Sort Order of Posts?

You can change the sort order of the posts in your wall/feed to sort either by “Most Recent” or “Hottest” at the top. The “Most Recent” posts are the newest posts added. “Hottest” posts are the ones that have the most “likes” or “votes”. Select the one you want by clicking the checkbox for the setting “Default Feed Sorting”.

How Do I Control Voting on Posts?

You can change or disable the voting on posts. The options for the setting “Voting” are: “None”, for no voting; “Likes” to enable “liking” posts; “Up/Down” which enables the up/down voting method.

“Up/Down” is shown below:

“Likes” is shown below:

How Can I Allow Anonymous Posts?

For user privacy, you might want to enable the “Allow Anonymous Posts” feature. To do so, click the “Yes” checkbox for the setting as shown. This will make it so that users who want to post an item can select to be anonymous.

Once enabled and saved, you will see the “Anonymous” button when posting a status:

How to Enable Editing Posts?

If you want to let your members edit their posts, the setting for “Allow Editing Posts” has a drop down selector to choose the following: “Never”, “Anytime”, “Up to 1 minute after posting”, “Up to 5 minutes after posting”, “Up to 30 minutes after posting”, “Up to 24 hours after posting”, and “Up to one week after posting”. These give you flexibility in choosing the best setting for your site.

How Can I Allow Post Deleting?

If you want your members to be able to delete their posts, the setting “Allow Deletion” can be enabled or disabled by clicking the “Yes” checkbox. 

How to Enable Member Lists?

The “Allow Lists” is a very cool feature that allows you to let your members make lists to sort their posts, and other member’s posts they follow, into lists. These lists can be viewed like galleries and have their own unique URLs. Click the “Yes” checkbox for this setting to enable it.

Once enabled, your members can add posts to their lists. The following screenshot shows how it looks in the “Stream Theme”. 

How Do I Enable HTML (Rich Content) for Posts?

The setting “Allow Rich Content” controls whether your members can use HTML in their posts. Click the “Yes” checkbox to enable or disable it.

Note: Be warned that HTML can be used for many things including things that could be detrimental to your site. We advise exercising caution when allowing rich content.

Great work! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further tutorials. Visit our community to have more interactions with us and other clients or third party developers. We’d love to see you there!
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