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Janrain offers software as a service solution for commercial businesses and websites to connect their sites to the social web. Janrain's flagship product enables a website's members to register or log in with their existing social network accounts and share content from the site or their activities with friends on multiple social networks. The company has roots in the the OpenID community that date back to its inception in 2005. 

Integration Instructions

  1. Sign up for a Janrain account here:  
  2. If creating a new account, when you first sign in you will see the following “quick tour”. Click “Setup Your Property” to take the tour: 
  3. After viewing the tour, click “New Property” or “Create your first Property” to add your website to your account. 
  4. Choose “Engage > Create an App” in the popup. Note that you can also choose to “See Pricing” found under the “Create an App” button as there is a free option or paid options. 
  5. Enter an “Application Name”. This is what your members will see when they see your Janrain app in the sign in or permissions screens. Click “Create Application” once you have entered the name you want. 
  6. You’ll see a “Thanks for signing up” page. Click “Get Started” which will bring you to your Dashboard. 
  7. Click the button that looks like a chat icon for your property you just created in order to “Manage Engage app”. We’ll be adding the domain in the next steps. 
  8. On the right, under “Settings”, click “App Info”. 
  9. Add your domain to the “Domain Whitelist” and click “Save”. **Ensure to put all of the URLs in your whitelist such as: *, , as our screenshot shows, replacing “yoursite” with your own domain. 
  10. Fill in your “Application URLs” for your Privacy Policy and Favicon (optional). Click “Save” when done. 
  11. You can enter a “Token Redirect Message” that your members will see when they being sent to your application’s redirect URL. Click “Save” when done. 
  12.  On the right, next to the “Domain Whitelist”, you’ll see “Application Info”. Copy that information as you’ll need it to enter into your SocialEngine website Admin settings, which we’ll show you next. 
  13. After copying the info, go to your SocialEngine Admin Panel > Settings > Janrain Integration. 
  14.  Paste the “Application Info” into the appropriate fields. 
  15. After pasting the information into the fields, select the options you desire for the "Integrate Features" and "Account Type" and click “Save Changes” .

Configuring the Social Login Services

  1. Now that you have your Janrain application set up, you’ll need to add some providers. Click the pencil icon for “Providers”. Follow Janrain’s detailed steps to add your providers or see our instructions below for a basic example.

    Tip: You’ll find the Providers section in your “Manage Engage app” screen, seen in step 7 above. 
  2. After clicking the pencil icon, you should arrive on a page where you can configure your providers. Choose the service providers that you want your members to log in with. Afterwards, just save and you’re done!. Please note: any service provider with the "Geared" icon indicates that the provider needs to be configured on that provider's developer portal. Click “Configure” to configure the providers that you want to use if needed. 
Great work! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further tutorials. Visit our community to have more interactions with us and other clients or third party developers. We’d love to see you there!
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